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Your onboarding in a nutshell
Your onboarding in a nutshell
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How can I sign up to Flash Payments

Before you can send money with Flash Payments, we need to verify your identity. 

You’ll need to provide us with either your driver’s license or passport number, which you can enter manually or via a document upload on the sign-up page. If the address on your ID doesn’t match your current mailing address, we'll need you to provide an additional proof-of-address doc. 

That’s it! Once we have everything we need, verification should happen within a couple of minutes. 

From there simply fund your Flash Payments account via a bank transfer or Polipay. You’ll need to tell us how much you’re transferring and be sure to use the reference number we provide so that we can identity your funds once they have arrived. 

Just remember that Flash Payments can only accept money transferred from bank accounts under a name that matches the personal details of your Flash Payments account

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